OneSky Let’s You Bring Your Own Maps

We have some exciting news for cartographers and geodesists (yes those are actual job titles)! OneSky now provides a method for users to add their own map/imagery data layers, a kind of Bring Your Own Map feature! OneSky users can not only select from the various layers we provide for everyone, but now we allow you to... Continue Reading →

Easy Integration With Mission Planner

Mission Planner has been a widely adopted Ground Control Station (GCS) software for UAS pilots and is a great platform for integration given its open-source heritage.  More often than not, we see operators rely on Mission Planner as a command & control (C2) platform on top of it being used as a mission designer for... Continue Reading →

Supporting UAS Trials In Australia

    In May of this past year, we were excited to be involved with the Local Government of Queensland and the Local Government Infrastructure Services (LGIS) in supporting their first of three UAS trials focused on exploring the use of drones for disaster relief management. As part of this first trial, software solutions like... Continue Reading →

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