Realtime Airspace Alerting

In an effort to increase awareness while flying, OneSky now supports the ability to issue both airspace proximity warnings and intersection alerts.  This allows notifications to be issued directly to pilots when an airspace is violated or at risk of being violated. If you haven't explored some of the airspace warning/violation capabilities in the OneSky... Continue Reading →

Skyjet Flight SJ512 Collision with Drone

On October 12, 2017 a drone hit a commercial aircraft, Skyjet flight number SJ512.  This marks the first incident of a drone colliding with a commercial aircraft in Canada.  The aircraft was a Beechcraft King Air 100 twin turboprop with six passengers and two crew members on final approach to the Quebec City airport in... Continue Reading →

OneSky Let’s You Bring Your Own Maps

We have some exciting news for cartographers and geodesists (yes those are actual job titles)! OneSky now provides a method for users to add their own map/imagery data layers, a kind of Bring Your Own Map feature! OneSky users can not only select from the various layers we provide for everyone, but now we allow you to... Continue Reading →

Easy Integration With Mission Planner

Mission Planner has been a widely adopted Ground Control Station (GCS) software for UAS pilots and is a great platform for integration given its open-source heritage.  More often than not, we see operators rely on Mission Planner as a command & control (C2) platform on top of it being used as a mission designer for... Continue Reading →

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