Who Is OneSky

As drones become more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, there is an increasing need to safely plan, manage, and monitor these aircraft within existing airspace.  While procedures, rules, and regulations are evolving, we are working to incorporate our heritage of flight plan safety analytics into the workflow for operators and airspace monitoring tools.

OneSky has a long history in the field of “4-D” analytics, in other words, we know how to move “things” through 3D SPACE and TIME with very high accuracy.  This is never more apparent than when looking at the pedigree of modeling and simulation software that our company was founded on, AGI’s Systems Tool Kit.  This almost 30-year long development cycle has produced world-class modeling and simulation software which is used by aerospace and defense professionals across the globe.

We are proud of this tenured history and look forward to continuing to bring leading analytical tools to a growing market!



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