NUAIR Integrates OneSky USS Solution

This was an exciting week for us as we successfully tested our on-site integration of the OneSky system into the New York UAS Test Site, managed by NUAIR (Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research).  This testing marks a significant milestone for the test site to demonstrate USS-to-USS connectivity and will help advance the concepts of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and allow more sophisticated operations and platforms to utilize the facilities and services that NUAIR provides.  With the cooperation of Oneida County and convenient co-location with Griffiss International Airport, NUAIR is well-positioned to provide unique test situations and conditions for customers and provides access to advanced radar systems and other range assets to unlock long-range beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) testing of unmanned platforms.


In addition to testing USS-to-USS capabilities, OneSky also worked with drone-as-a-service operator Measure to demonstrate a fully automated end-to-end integration with their operator interfacing Ground Control Station (GCS) tools.  Part of this included the operator conducting their usual mission planning routine within their tool, while simultaneously submitting the flight plan and supporting information across the USS network through the OneSky system.  As the operations begin, real-time telemetry is also shared and broadcast across the USS network for full range-wide visibility and situational awareness.

NUAIR operation center console showing OneSky system displaying live telemetry & mission plan during field test with Measure drone operator.

As UTM ecosystem industry consensus standards evolve, we need a place where industry can conduct disciplined testing to validate performance requirements and eventually verify UAS service suppliers or supplemental data service providers as compliant with those standards. — Andy Thurling, chief technology officer at NUAIR.

OneSky has previously worked with NUAIR customers and partners utilizing the range by providing advanced CONOPS and engineering analysis (see Tigershark CONOPS) and we are looking forward to more opportunities with the latest integration of the OneSky system now available at the test site.

NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corp. (NASC) Tigershark UAS modeled with AGI’s Systems Tool Kit supporting long-range CONOPS and analysis of mission-supporting systems

These activities are paving the way for more advanced testing and concepts which support Remote Identification and even Urban Air Mobility.  NUAIR is working toward a capstone event later this year to include long-range testing and advanced USS-to-USS operations.  We look forward to continuing our work with NUAIR to help realize their vision of safe UAS integration into the nation’s airspace!

To learn more about NUAIR’s implementation of UAS Service Suppliers into the New York UAS Test Site, check out their latest Press Release!

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