OneSky Terrain Analysis Available In DroneDeploy

This week we added to our existing collection of DroneDeploy apps available to users with the new Altitude Profiler app.  This will provide a profile graph for any flight plan showing the expected height above ground.  This is available for free in the DroneDeploy App Market by searching for OneSky or browsing through the available flight-planning category of available apps.


The value of understanding an aircraft’s altitude is often overlooked within the UAS industry because pilots are used to seeing a single altitude value while flying with some common platforms.  It is important to understand that often times, that reported altitude value is actually just the ‘relative’ altitude from the location where the aircraft was first ‘armed’ and lifted off.  This will usually not be based on the profile of terrain below the aircraft and therefore can be misleading when referencing flight rules that are common within the UAS industry.  For example, if there were a requirement to remain below 250ft AGL while flying within an area, you can imagine that it would be beneficial to understand the changing terrain within that particular area related to your planned flight path.


This new app from OneSky will let DroneDeploy users quickly reference their flight plan with respect to the changing “ground” beneath it.  You can quickly identify things such as “high” or “low” spots within the flight’s path and understand your expected separation from those areas.  Flying too close is dangerous of course, but flying too high means you may be violating expected operating rules, so it is important to have a full understanding of your environment.

We want to bring our safety-of-flight analytics to the pilots and communities that need it most, so download the OneSky Altitude Profiler app today and check out some of the other OneSky apps available for DroneDeploy users such as the GPS Forecast App!

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