OneSky GPS Analytics Now Available For DroneDeploy Users

We are proud to announce our first app on the DroneDeploy App Market!  Now, any DroneDeploy user can take advantage of OneSky’s advanced safety-of-flight analytics with the OneSky GPS Forecast App.


OneSky’s GPS Forecast App provides pilots a 1-hour forecast of available GPS satellites as well as the associated positional accuracy expected at their planned flight’s location.  Simply browse the DroneDeploy App Market and select the OneSky GPS Forecast App.  Once installed, any flight plan can take advantage of the 1-hr forecasts.


Browse The DroneDeploy App Market
Search/Browse For OneSky’s GPS Forecast App

Part of OneSky’s analytical web services collection, the GPS prediction service provides highly accurate positions for each satellite in various GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, and even SBAS satellites) commonly leveraged by commercial GPS receiver such as the ones found on UAS/Drones. This service is backed by daily updates of GPS almanacs and satellite outage schedules to provide these well-qualified predictions regarding satellite availability, positions in the sky, and the expected accuracy of the GPS receiver’s positional knowledge (HDOP – Horizontal Dilution of Precision).

Because commercial UAS rely heavily on accurate GPS positions for autonomous flight, it is important to understand the availability of the satellites within these constellations , as well as the position accuracy you can expect from them.  Similar to pre-flight checks of forecasted weather conditions, checking GPS/GNSS satellite constellation health should be a part of any commercial UAS pilot’s routine, and now it is as easy as clicking a button!

We look forward to expanding our safety-of-flight analytics and making more apps like this available to commercial UAS pilots!

For more information on how OneSky is leaning forward to bring safety to the forefront of commercial UAS, please visit our website


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