Understanding Airspace Data In OneSky Web Portal

We are continually adding data to our OneSky web portal while working to provide an easy to understand landscape for pilots to plan and monitor their operations.  As new pilots begin exploring our tools and capabilities, it can be easy to make assumptions about how airspace maps might be interpreted.  This is meant to be a quick primer on how to “read” the maps provided, control their appearance, and even customize or add your own data!

When you first logon to the OneSky web interface, you will have a DEFAULT set of map layers including base maps and various airspace data.  You can customize the data that is being presented by clicking the Layers icon and exploring the various data sets that can be turned on/off visually to help you plan and understand the theater you intend to fly within.


While some pilots may be operating as hobbyist, others could be operating under Part107 rules, and these various data layers will help to gain an understanding of your operational considerations before flying.  Seeing the world from a 3D perspective can provide a deeper level of understanding and planning!


FAA LAANC Maps – Showing potential altitudes within controlled airspace where commercial UAS operations are likely to be approved

This becomes an incredibly flexible tool when bringing your own maps and/or data layers to the globe.  For example, you may have a WMS map layer that would be valuable for your mission plan or KML data that you would like to display on the globe.  You can quickly add various external data sources directly to the globe!


If you haven’t already started to explore the OneSky Beta, sign-up today and start taking advantage of the various flight planning safety analytics that OneSky provides.


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