OneSky – Adding GCS Location Modeling & Analysis

One of the latest updates to the OneSky web portal and the supporting API, is the introduction of “Control Points”.  This is a great way to model the expected location for your aircraft’s GCS equipment.  By supplying this additional information about the intended flight, OneSky will soon be able to provide communications analysis as well as additional line-of-sight considerations.

Ground Control Station Support – Users can move/adjust where their GCS equipment & monitoring locations may be within the reserved flight volume


How Does It Work? – The good news is, you don’t really have to change anything about your current workflow within the OneSky interface to take advantage of this new feature!  With the latest release, you should notice that each flight plan will have a ‘default’ GCS location which should appear during flight plan creation.  You will recognize this as a “Home” marker.  You can leave it in this default location or drag it to a more appropriate location to more accurately represent where you plan to have critical communications equipment used for command/control & monitoring of your flight.

What Does It Do? – Currently, this can be used to explore terrain impacts on line-of-sight visibility.  This should immediately help operators understand and consider how the surrounding terrain will impact the ability to maintain visual custody of the aircraft.  As terrain models continue to be populated with additional hi-res data and even building and obstruction data, this analytical value will continue to grow while helping pilots/operators gain an understanding of their operational limitations in the areas they plan to fly.



What’s Next? – We will be using this as a framework to begin adding communications analytics between your expected location and the area you plan to fly (or along the flight path of your planned route).  This will be a huge step in providing pre-mission safety of flight analysis for one of the most critical pieces of any operation….communications link quality!

Communications UAV GCS Image
UAS Ground Control Station Communications Modeling

If you haven’t already started to use the OneSky Beta, sign up and start using it today!


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