You Can Now See Other Users’ Realtime Flights in OneSky UTM

With the latest update of the OneSky UTM, you may notice some unfamiliar icons floating around on the globe at various times.  These are actually other users of the system who are currently supplying realtime position data for their flights!


Right now you will be limited to only seeing the position and a short history of the recent data, but as this matures we anticipate much more interaction capability.


In contrast, if you are the owner of a realtime flight, the icon will look different and full flight history will be available to you.

Along with this change you may notice the support for defining the ‘Type’ of airframe you are using (i.e. Multi-Rotor / Fixed-Wing).  This will also apply the appropriate 3D Model for your flights when realtime positions are being supplied to the system.


Multi-Rotor Model

This is just the first step in the direction of promoting position reporting between pilots and enhancing their situational awareness.  We are looking forward to maturing some of these ideas and helping fuse data into a robust common operational picture!  Be sure to Sign-Up and start using the OneSky UTM portal if you aren’t already!

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