Realtime Airspace Alerting

In an effort to increase awareness while flying, OneSky now supports the ability to issue both airspace proximity warnings and intersection alerts.  This allows notifications to be issued directly to pilots when an airspace is violated or at risk of being violated.

If you haven’t explored some of the airspace warning/violation capabilities in the OneSky portal, login and start exploring!


While most pilots should be aware of their airspace conditions prior to flight, this capability is just a starting point for future realtime analytics and paves the way for OneSky to begin issuing other analytical services to pilots.  We are continuously pushing the evolution of our system to be able to provide realtime analytical functionality to help keep pilots both aware and safe while flying.

In the demonstration video, you will notice an aircraft being flown while the Ground Control Station software (Mission Planner) is pushing realtime telemetry to the OneSky system.  The flight can then be monitored from the OneSky web client where proximity warnings and intersection alerts are issued while in flight.

NOTE: you certainly don’t need to use our full web client to take advantage of this or any other OneSky capability because it is all available through the API, and server sent analytics can be subscribed to, which allows other 3rd party applications to take advantage of OneSky analytics!

If you haven’t already started to use the OneSky flight portal, sign-up for the beta and log-in today!

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