OneSky Partnering with Singapore’s NTU-ATMRI for Urban UTM Solution

It was announced in November of last year that we would be partnering with Singapore’s Nanyang Technical University (NTU) and the Air Traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI) to begin looking at solutions related to urban unmanned traffic management.  This was both exciting for us as well as challenging as we considered how to incorporate some of the proposed concepts from ATMRI with our existing OneSky UTM System.


NTU Proposed Traffic Management of Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Image Courtesy Channel News Asia

Since this partnership began, we have been implementing new ways to bring our UTM solutions and analytical capabilities into the proposed workflow for introducing UAS into Singapore’s National Airspace.  One of the immediate issues we faced was concerned with not only the existing airspace structure within the country, but also a proposed system to handle low-flying UAS which requires scheduling and de-confliction based on specialized algorithms and processes which are being developed and tested by ATMRI.


NTU Professor Low Kin Huat (Mech/Aero Engineering) & ATMRI Senior Research Fellow Faisal Mohamed Salleh demonstrating their UTM concept with our modeling & simulation tools – Image Courtesy Channel News Asia

We have been making constant progress toward a full end-to-end conceptual demonstration of the system at work, and plan to showcase this with NTU & ATMRI at the upcoming Singapore Air Show.  This will include full integration between flight plan submissions, ATMRI-specific routing & scheduling algorithms, and the OneSky UTM system’s infrastructure and analytics.


Singapore Airspace Represented in OneSky UTM


UTM Submitted Flight Plan Showing Airspace Considerations/Violations


Terrain Analytics – UTM Showing Height Above Ground Along Submitted Flight Path


GPS / Navigation Accuracy Prediction Services – Checking Submitted Flight For Predicted GPS Quality

We are excited to see how this progresses during the coming months and look forward to continuing to work closely with NTU, ATMRI, and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).


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