Easy Integration With Mission Planner

Mission Planner has been a widely adopted Ground Control Station (GCS) software for UAS pilots and is a great platform for integration given its open-source heritage.  More often than not, we see operators rely on Mission Planner as a command & control (C2) platform on top of it being used as a mission designer for autonomous routes.  One of the immediate needs we find when integrating with operators is the ability to ingest their route plans and even push the realtime telemetry data into our UTM system, but thanks to Mission Planner’s scripting capability, it is relatively straightforward to share data through Python scripting.

One useful aspect of this approach is Mission Planner’s native Python environment which gives an integrator the ability to query many of the common telemetry fields with just one simple variable.  For example, if I were to need the vehicle’s current latitude, I could use a Python variable in my script set equal to ‘cs.lat’, where ‘cs’ is just a shortcut for any of the ‘Current State’ data that Mission Planner is being provided from the vehicle’s telemetry.  Reference here for more information about the capabilities of Mission Planner’s Python scripting.


We have taken advantage of this on several different projects such as during the Supporting UAS Trials In Australia post we blogged about previously.  Integrating with Python and Mission Planner to send realtime position information into our UTM system for visualization and enhanced situational awareness is probably easier than you would think.  In fact, an example script that can be used as a template is included in our “Getting Started” materials which you can download from our website here:


Having a fully immersive 3D environment to understand your flight and provide a realtime situational awareness perspective is something you have to experience for yourself.  Get started using our UTM solutions today by registering for our BETA program here onesky.xyz

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